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  1. Gift wrapped packs

    All our products can be gift wrapped, and delivered to your loved ones with a personalised message.
    Call 07036670509 to personalise your orders before order placement

    Paida Gift Packs


  2. Fresh Dressed Chicken 2kg n over

    Paida Farms dressed chicken is home grown and Farm fresh. It is specially selected for maturity and can be diced to suit your preference.

    Fresh Dressed Chicken



  3. Barbeque Turkey Wings

    For turkey lovers, our sizzling spicy turkey wings bring out the best in turkey cooking. Steeped in fine tasting seasoning and grilled with utmost care, it has a specially appealing taste to turkey lovers and non-lovers alike.

    BBQ Turkey Wings


  4. Barbeque Chicken Quarters

    A grilled delight for BBQ lovers. Our deep penetrating seasoning reaches even the thickest of chicken tissue to give an all round tasty delicacy. We make them whole or cut up into bits. Various portion sizes are available to suit your budget.

    Net Weight: 250g

    BBQ Chicken Quarters


  5. Barbeque Whole Chicken

    Farm fresh whole chicken, marinated in a tasty peperred custom chicken sauce and grilled to perfection.

    BBQ Whole Chicken


  6. Spicy Fish Bits

    Our fish kilishi are crispy lil bits of fish marinated in fish sauce and grilled to perfection. It�s a delicious accompaniment for your �garri soaking� and delectably garnishes your African salad dishes. Also can be used for your snacking pleasure.
    Net wt @ 60 grms

    Spicy Fish Bits


  7. Tasty Smoke-Dried Fish

    Cuts of specially marinated catfish are hygienically dried in a charcoal grill to produce a beautiful golden color. Very tasty and spices up your cooking. Can be used as finger food as well asfor your soups.

    Net wt @ 450grms

    Smoke-Dried Fish


  8. Farm Fresh Skinless Chicken

    Freshly harvested Chicken is deskinned to reduce fat content.. Product is especially suitable for health watchers.

    Farm Fresh Skinless Chicken